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Our mission at Summit is to build healthy organizations. It’s that pure and simple. By working with leaders at all levels, engaging with your team and developing HR strategies and solutions that work for your business; we will help you, your teams and your business grow.

Healthy Organizations =
Healthy Communities

Based in Steinbach, Manitoba and aiming to serve organizations of all shapes and sizes across Canada, we have discovered that incredible things happen when you start with an extraordinary approach. We’ve watched first hand, how a simple approach can transform a business and their staff. Our goal is to partner with you so that we can develop and grow your people and your organization.

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Success Stories

  • "My experience going through the DiSC Productive Conflict Workshop facilitated by Summit gave me a perspective on conflict that was life changing. It has impacted both my work and personal relationships in an incredible way!"

    - Julie Smith
    Penner Group of Companies
  • "I appreciate and value the relationship built with Jody, both through personal coaching and in working with our Exec Team. Jody has become a part of our Team and guided us through both difficult challenges and taken us through new experiences as our organization has grown. The resources Summit has provided us over the past year has had a great impact on our success and where we are today."

    - Keith Friesen
    Penner Group of Companies
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62% of businesses are including an organizational health component into their overall growth strategy for 2018. Investing in creating a healthy organization will lead to greater productivity, improved employee engagement, improved corporate culture and increased revenue.