Human Resources

Human Resources is one of the most integral components of every business and instrumental to the smooth operation and development of your organization. It’s the foundation of a successful and well-oiled operation. Far too often we see that a company’s HR is not at the forefront of their operating and growth strategy when it really should be.

We have the expertise to guide every aspect of your HR needs and can develop the solutions that work for you, to align with the corporate culture that you’ve created. Businesses of all sizes need an HR strategy and solutions, regardless if you have a team of two or two hundred, we will ensure you have the tools and the approaches you require to lead a healthy and productive team.

“When we took the plunge to hire a Human Resource consultant, we struggled with the necessity of it. When we hired Stephanie and her team at Summit Organizational Development they immediately put us to ease with their support and expertise with all manner of human resource processes and growth. From handling questions, big or small or even silly, that I send their way to team building events, they do it all and we’ve been impressed with the results.

Val Fehr has worked alongside my supervisors and I to establish an atmosphere that is fair and consistent for all employees. It’s still a work in progress but we wouldn’t have gotten this far with out her. Invest in your company. I highly recommend Summit Organizational Development.”

Helena Koop, Operations Manager, Signex Manufacturing


It takes on average 18 months to successfully train and on-board a new employee and 6.2 months for a new hire to become profitable for a company. Short-term turnover is expensive and definitely something you want to avoid.

HR Strategies & Solutions:

  • Strategy and Solution Development
  • Comprehensive HR Audit
  • HR Management Systems
  • HR Consulting & Training
  • Orientation and on-boarding
  • Recruitment, selection and hiring. Let us show you the benefits of having a plan

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