3 Ways Coaching Helps You Become a Better Leader

Coaching is focused on the potential and development of the person being coached. When done well, a leader is actually able to remove their own agenda and plan for their team member and focus on what THEY want. When teaching leaders to coach, this is often one of the most difficult areas to master! Don’t we all know what someone else should be working on? If they just did this one thing differently it would be so much better!

Here are 3 ways coaching can help you become a better leader:

  1. It teaches you to LISTEN MORE and talk less. A coach should only do about 10% of the talking. This forces you to listen more and ask questions. Coaching should be a process of empowering self-discovery and self-management in your team.
  2. It improves your SELF-AWARENESS. As you strive to talk less and listen more, you will become more aware of how often you jump in to solve problems instead of sitting quietly and giving someone space to figure it out on their own.
  3. It increases your VULNERABILITY. Through regular coaching sessions, relationships are formed beyond just checking off operational task items. As you explore roadblocks and solutions with your team member, you will learn more about them (and yourself) in the process!

A great book that we recommend to leaders who want to grow in this area is “The Coaching Habit” by Michael Bungay Stanier. It’s filled with great questions to ask that may just help you talk less…

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