Moving Forward

Another month is coming to a close and the nicer the weather gets; the faster time seems to fly! Which makes being intentional about our plans and actions that much more important.

How do you know that you’ve accomplished what you set out to accomplish for the month? Do you set new tactics at the start of a fresh new month that you can clearly measure your actions to?
At Summit, we are 18 months into a three-year strategy. Currently, we are slicing down our plans into monthly increments. These goals are complementary to our 3-year strategy but sliced into monthly increments and relevant to the current state of things today.

One of my favorite strategic goals we have right now is to “Prepare for the Bounce”. The economy will bounce back and when that happens, we want to be ready. This goal helps us to clarify what and how we should be investing our time and resources.

Another favorite goal we have set is “Stay engaged with our clients and prospects”. This goal helps us to be mindful, push towards creative ways to engage with our market and find ways to journey with them.

Your plans should be straight-forward and easy for all to understand. Every two weeks we take a good look at the plans and hold each other accountable for getting the things done that we have committed to.

What sort of things matter to you as you wrap up another month and prepare for the next? We would love to hear from you on the ways you’re keeping things moving forward in your organization.

Stay strong! Be Bold! And Keep Looking Onward!

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