Employee Performance through Strategic Planning

Employee Performance through Strategic Planning

Having a business strategy does more than planning out short and long term priorities for your company; it has a holistic effect on your people throughout the organization.

When your employees know where you’re heading and what your plans are as an organization, it is far easier to gain buy-in, excitement about the future and great performance on a consistent basis. Here are three of the benefits that come from creating and communicating your strategic plan to your staff.

  1. A strategy gives people tangible goals to work towards and achieve together as a team. Each goal has tasks assigned to employees in the organization with deadlines and targets that follow. Many times, the tasks involve getting multiple team member’s assistance; something they can celebrate together once successfully completed.
  2. It allows for an organization to correctly utilize human talent. As you’ve probably noticed in any office setting, there is always a range of capabilities amongst team members. Recognizing those talents and strengths in your people and letting them run with a task can be both beneficial for the company in efficiency, but also incredibly satisfying for your employee to contribute to the success of top business priorities.
  3. And very importantly, executing on a strategic plan builds strong communication throughout an organization. Each person must have access to the same up-to-date information as the next to allow them to complete tasks in a cohesive way. Encouraging regular and details ways of communicating, whether through a stand-up meeting, email or zoom call, will lead to more efficient performance and an honest, positive corporate culture.

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