Gifts from COVID-19

Odd, I know. COVID-19 is giving gifts? Sure, it’s given me some anxiety and worry, created uncertainty, forced me to make difficult decisions, and even created moments of fear; but it’s also given me some precious gifts. This past week, I reflected on what some of the “silver linings” of CO-VID have been for me. I’m getting more sleep, our cleared schedule has created much more space to play with my kids (which is a stress reliever for me), more quality time as a family, more intentional connection with loved ones, time to cook meals for my family, I’ve even had the time to bake – I don’t mean to brag but I may have just mastered the cinnamon bun. The biggest gift COVID-19 has given me is a readjustment of the expectations I place on myself. Receiving and accepting grace and compassion from others has freed up space for me to extend grace and compassion to myself. I have learned that it really is ok to operate at less than my highest capacity sometimes. The sky didn’t fall when I decided to watch 2 hours of Netflix that morning when I couldn’t pull myself out of bed. I’m learning to be kinder to myself. I’m learning to be content in my situation, regardless of what it actually is. I encourage you to take a couple of minutes and reflect, in spite of its serious effects, what gifts has CO-VID given you?

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