Healthy Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture is one of those words that can intimidate many organizations. It can have so many interpretations and be hard to pin down. At the end of the day “Culture” is the way we engage with each other in the workplace. It’s the character of our organization that will develop over time. As is the case with any character development, we need to be intentional to cultivate the values and behaviours that will reflect the character we want displayed.

We work with a lot of organizations in this area and through that work we’ve learned 3 important steps to take when building a healthy culture:

1. Identify and define the VALUES of your organization. These are the behaviours that you would never knowingly violate and make your organization unique.

2. Understand CURRENT STATE. Are we living those values consistently today? Where are we struggling? Where are we excelling?

3. Together with your team BUILD A PLAN. How are we going to intentionally grow in character around our values? When we stumble, how are we going to hold each other accountable and support each other to get back on track?

A healthy culture builds engagement and engagement is fuel for success!

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