Healthy Teams – the Down Low and How to Foster One

Here’s the down low on what makes a team healthy and why you as a leader want to foster one!

Teams must be cohesive in order to be healthy and achieve results! Cohesive teams are more effective, efficient and more fun to be on! And it’s just as important as ever with many of us working remotely. As authorized partners of Patrick Lencioni’s program the 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, we’ve witnessed firsthand the positive changes workplaces experience when they commit to the following healthy behaviors:  

Healthy teams consistently demonstrate 5 key behaviours, they:

  • Trust one another. What does this look like?
    • No finger pointing or blaming
    • Vulnerability based trust
    • Openness and ownership of mistakes made
    • Check the politics at the door! 
    • Match the task with the right skill set – don’t put your goalie as center! Everyone should know who has what skills so they can know who to ask for help when that skill is needed
  • Engage in Conflict around ideas. What does this look like?
    • Open, honest discussion and dialogue
    • Healthy disagreements in meetings
    • Every possible idea should be mentioned, considered and discussed
  • Commit to decisions. What does this look like?
    • Consensus can be a progress killer; sometimes a decision just has to be made. A healthy team knows this. So even if a team member isn’t in full agreement, they will still commit because they’ve had a chance to state their concerns. 
    • No one says, in hindsight, “I told you so” or “I knew that wouldn’t work”
  • Hold one another Accountable. What does this look like? 
    • The leader isn’t the only person holding people accountable
    • Everyone on the team holds each other accountable on the actions they are responsible for but from a place of support and not finger pointing.
    • It might sound like, “Hey, you are not doing your best work, what’s up? How can I help?”
  • Focus on achieving collective Results. What does this look like?
    • Everyone on the team is committed and accountable for their actions, no one will deviate from the objective of the team to seek the best results for themselves to the detriment of the team. 

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