How do I Generate More Sales and Revenue in our Current State?

I wish there was an easy answer for this one.

Truth is, there’s nothing normal about this situation whatsoever. Revenues and sales will be down for a while, that’s a fact for most of us. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news. There are things we can be doing right now to position our organizations for when this downturn ends…and it will end. Here are some ways to maintain a growth mindset and keep our eyes on the long game. 

Invest in Relationships:  It’s all about relationships. Ask yourself what relationships you can invest in at this time with customers, clients, suppliers, or partners to offer your support and provide stability. Make a note of who these individuals are and set aside time to contact each one by phone or email. 

Take time for long-term planning & positioning:  This is the perfect time to compartmentalize desperation and PLAN. This time shall pass and the economy will emerge…how will your organization be positioned when it does? What will your industry look like when the pandemic is over? Using this time to invest in future plans and strategic positioning is wise and can catapult you ahead of your competitors. Now’s the time to be innovative.

Clean House:  We all have those projects that have been on our to-do list for months or even years. Now is a great time to get those things cleaned up and out of your headspace. When the economy turns around, these monkeys will be off your back, leaving more capacity for growth plans.

Leverage your network:  The sum is greater than its parts – we’re stronger together. Leverage your network, tap into the strengths and capabilities of others. The more we can collaborate and help one another, the faster we’ll get through this….even stronger than before.  

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