How to create work plans for remote teams

Strategy and the Importance of Clarity & Focus

Every company, large or small, needs a strategy. Your strategy defines the course of action you will embark on and how you’ll know when you get there. If your company currently operates with a strategic plan, it’s important that it continues to guide you through these trying times. 

If you don’t operate with a strategic plan, you can still benefit from creating short-term work plans to ensure your team has clarity and focus so your organization stays healthy and productive.

We’ve put together a list of ways to help your team get laser focused on how to best manage the days and weeks ahead:

  1. Determine what is the most important thing right now to keep work moving forward
  2. Re-define business goals to fit into short (1-2 week) compartments. This creates fast wins and builds momentum for more progress. 
  3. For each short-term goal
    1. What are the specific actions? Make sure they are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time based!
      1. What resources are needed?
      2. Identify a start and completion date for each action 
      3. Clarify and record: Who will do what? By when? 
  4. Revisit the plan frequently
    1. Check in daily or every other day on progress and support that’s needed
    2. Respond to questions and share information quickly 
    3. As a leader, be available, encourage and help individuals push through barriers
  5. Allow for the plan to change, resources to be shifted, gaps identified, learnings/developments to be shared as circumstances change. 
  6. Update the master copy of the plan with every change and ensure everyone has access to the updated information  (click here for what your team needs from you right now!)
  7. Regroup frequently and monitor progress on the actions. This will ensure precious resources are spent effectively by the team toward progressing the priority that was originally committed to
  8. Remember to lead with empathy, compassion and a sense of urgency for everyone to accomplish their actions. 

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