Is Your Team Productive?

We’re used to measuring productivity by what we can visually witness and assess. For example, walking by someone’s office, their head is down and they’re working typing away on their laptop, they must be productive. Now, in today’s landscape, with part or all of our team working remotely, we can’t just go by what we see, so the question is, how do we measure productivity now? For those working remotely and on-site.

There are opportunities to measure productivity in new and creative ways that will serve us both in this current climate but also down the road. 

1) Have a plan and get clear on what you’re measuring. Are all of your team members radically clear on what’s expected of them and what they’re responsible to do? What are the outputs of your plans and the deadlines established? Does everyone on your team own a slice of the responsibilities (a great way to build self-management and engagement).

2) Is your team engaging in problem-solving conversations with each other; are they coming up with new and innovative ways to overcome challenges and find new opportunities? That’s productive!

3) Confirm deadlines are being met. Have a process for reporting progress that keeps the onus on the person responsible (not just the leader). With an approach centered around coaching and feedback confirm deadlines are met, provide encouragement, celebrate success (most of us don’t celebrate enough) and look at overcoming challenges in collaborative and creative ways. 

Every person in the workplace is responsible to build efficiencies and restore and maintain a productive workflow. Check out How to create work plans for remote teams for a step by step on how to create a plan that works and download our free Short Term Action Plan.

Visit Navigating Change for more tips, supports and a link to reach out for immediate help. 

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