Organizational Clarity – How to Align Your Team to Your Unique Business

As employers prepare for the seismic shift from the traditional workplace to one of increasing requests for part-time work and permanent work-at-home arrangements, it is extremely important to remember why they exist, and to create a strong sense of alignment to the organization’s purpose, to keep everyone focused and moving in a positive direction. This means going back to organizational clarity and remembering these four essential questions…

1. Why do we exist? ⁠(Core Purpose)
2. How do we behave? ⁠(Core Values)
3. What do we do? ⁠(Business Definition)
4. How will we succeed? (Strategic Drivers)

Once you have answered those questions, you must over-communicate these statements to your team. You were their lighthouse before this pandemic hit and will continue to be as we climb out of it, so setting a clear direction for everyone to follow is critical for organizational stability.

An effective way to build alignment is to actively communicate with your staff HOW your unique organizational clarity informs the way to make decisions. Think about a larger strategic decision you’ve had to make recently; if even one person asked, “Why are we doing this?”, that is usually a strong que to take some time to explain how the decision relates to your overall strategic goals. There should never be a strategic goal that is not congruent with an organization’s strategic drivers (Organizational Clarity Question #4). Repeating this statement to yourself before you make a large decision is a great litmus test as to whether you should be going in that direction.

When your employees know the ‘why’ behind the decisions an organization makes, you not only create stronger alignment, you create brand ambassadorship and pride in working for your organization.

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