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Does your team understand the importance of what they do? Are you inspiring them to follow you towards a purpose that they can believe in? This takes them beyond the paycheck (of course, we all need one of those too) but considering that’s a given, how else can you build alignment and competitive advantage? It’s called Organizational Clarity and it’s the first pillar to establishing a healthy organization. Organizational Clarity defines the personality of an organization and clarifies for owners, leaders, team members why what they do matters and how it can inspire them to greater productivity and performance. Organizational Clarity, developed by Patrick Lencioni, involves answering four crucial questions. I’ll share our clarity statements in hopes that it builds greater understanding!

1) Why do we exist?
This is your organization’s core purpose. This is beyond the actual work that you do but your work influences its potential to be achieved. In other words, it’s WHY you do the work.
Our core purpose: to create healthy and productive workplaces which influence healthier homes and communities.

2) How will we behave?
These are your organization’s core values. These behaviors that must be true today, otherwise they’re aspirational. They typically do not include things like honesty, respect etc (those are considered Permission-to-Play, you have to possess those just to work here). The values we uncover are things that set an organization apart and provide a competitive advantage. Also, you would never knowingly violate them, that’s how inherently true they are.
Our core values: we are adaptive, authentic and fun (I know, a little corny, but hey, that’s us)

3) What do we do?
This is your business definition. What exactly do you do? Now put that in one sentence…harder to nail down than you may think. And critically important to align your whole team and build consistency and clarity.
Summit provides a variety of solutions and tools to help organizations identify and achieve their success.

4) How will we succeed?
These are your strategic anchors. They set you apart, provide a competitive advantage and will change overtime as conditions around you change. At Summit, our strategic anchors inform our strategy and help remind us of what is the most important things we need to focus on.
Our strategic anchors are:
1) We strive to become an integrated part of our clients’ organization
2) We model servant leadership, healthy behaviors, value each other’s priorities and remain relevant through continuous learning.
3) Through practical and on-going support, we journey with our clients.

From here we help you build the strategy that will take your organization to a whole new level. We’d love to help you build YOUR Organizational Clarity so you access this special ingredient that has fueled the success of many of our clients!

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