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Confession: I’m a strategy nerd. And because I geek out on this topic, I’m passionate about sharing with other business owners and decision-makers the importance of a great strategy. Strategy is a gift to leaders and good strategy is as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do. It helps us to clarify what we will say YES to and what we will say NO to. And that “what” could be clients and customers, team members’ ideas, and even new business opportunities. Strategy keeps us from chasing every shiny thing that floats our way. Without a clear strategy, we can be easily sidetracked and distracted, which results in wasted time and lost productivity and we land up wondering where the week, the month, the year went. Having things mapped out so that everyone’s moving in the right direction is also a key way to build a culture where people can be held accountable.

One of the most common things that happens for organizations when developing their strategy is, they don’t go high enough with their goals. When your strategic goals are actually operational tactics or metrics, you land up with is a glorified To-Do list. If you’re finding that your strategic plans are achieved much sooner than 1-3 years, you’re probably doing this. We’d love to help.

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