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Which Hat Are You Wearing?

Strategic Planning

Which Hat Are You Wearing?

August 2019 | 2 minute read

Each month at Summit, we sit down as a team and talk strategy; where we’re at, where we’re going and making sure everyone is heading in that same direction together. Many times, there are different ideas that we throw around or thoughts that snowball into larger concepts throughout our time together.

To ensure we stay sharp and focused on our strategic direction, we assign one team member to be the ‘black hat thinker’ for the day. This person’s role is to think critically about ideas being discussed and dive into the grey areas. This is of course not to poke holes in everyone’s ideas and annoy them, it’s to make sure we are being as thorough as possible in the planning stages before spending precious time and energy (as many of you small business owners know) working on a project in depth.

The ‘Six Thinking Hats’ featured in the article by online organization MindTools goes in-depth about 5 more ‘hats’ that your team members can wear in any given meeting to enhance the way you make decisions within your organization.

At times, we can be susceptible to ‘yes mom’ answers at routine meetings, this technique allows each person to bring their best to each conversation and put creative energy into each topic covered on the agenda. Try incorporating one of these coloured hats in your next routine or strategic planning meeting and see which one is more effective for your organization’s needs. You may be pleased with how this shifts the results.

Questions to ask yourself and your colleagues:

How can we incorporate the idea of different hats in our company meetings?

How can you anticipate your company’s or client’s needs by using this technique?