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What’s Your Lighthouse?

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What’s Your Lighthouse?

February 2020| 2 minute read

Definition of lighthouse: a structure (such as a tower) with a powerful light that gives a continuous or intermittent signal to navigators (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, 2020).

For hundreds of years, lighthouses have guided ships to the safe harbor. Their beacon of light, at times, being the only source of direction for the ship’s captain, sailing through darkness, facing tumultuous winds or in unfamiliar territory. A few years back, I decided to knock another thing off my Bucket List and complete a triathlon. Before the race began, an experienced triathlete advised me to spot something from nature above the buoy that I’d be swimming towards in the open water swim. He told me how once I got into the water and my face would be just above the waves, I wouldn’t be able to see the buoys that were marking the distances. I was so thankful for this advice. There were 3 buoys marking my open water swim and I was able to spot a tall tree above each one that guided me in the right direction while the water surrounded my face. I didn’t worry at all during the swim whether I was going in the right direction for I knew if I was swimming towards the tree, I’d reach my destination.

Every organization needs a Lighthouse that clarifies the direction you’re going, for everyone on the team. It guides us on smooth sunny days, and also when the waves are crashing or the winds threaten to take us off course. The Lighthouse, firmly entrenched, and always visible to us reminds us of where we’re going.

Your Lighthouse is different than your Core Purpose, Core Values and even your Strategic Goals. The Lighthouse is your Vision and should be lofty enough that it would take around 20 years to reach it.

Summit’s Lighthouse: We will be a leader in organizational health and a sought-after partner of organizations in Manitoba and across Canada.

If you’d like to explore what your Lighthouse could be, contact us, we’d love to help!


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