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Why Do We Exist?

Organizational Clarity

Why Do We Exist?

August 2019 | 3 minute read

Not in the philosophical, ‘why do we exist as humans’ sort of way…although you could probably go that deep if you wanted to! We are actually talking about why Summit Organizational Development exists as a company; serving current and future clients, as well as each other every day.

We have done this in the form of an organizational clarity statement which provides us with a compass when making the hard, game-changing decisions, as well as decisioning on the small tasks that slowly shape our company on a daily basis.

Having a clear picture of why your company exists takes a significant amount of stress off your shoulders when your choices don’t seem very straight-forward. The statement includes thoughtful elements such as your values (the things that you would never knowingly violate given a choice), and fundamental questions like, what does our company do on the most basic level?

This document may sound simple, which is exactly what it should sound like so that anyone coming into your organization can understand what you stand for immediately. Despite its simplicity, the effort that is required to take a deep dive into synthesizing your entire business on a single-sided page is quite significant.

It’s in this exploration where Summit loves to dive in with companies! We take time to understand the complexities of your business and uncover the critical questions that lead you to develop your own clarity statement.

We want to inspire you to think of what your own organizational clarity statement could look like by showing you an example of ours:

Why do we exist? (Core Purpose)

Summit exists to create healthy and productive workplaces, which influences healthier homes and relationships and ultimately inspires happier, healthier communities.

How will we behave? (Our Values)

We are authentic, relational, and passionate about helping our clients and each other succeed.

What do we do? (Our Business Definition)

Summit works with organizations by providing leadership, team development, and HR services.

How will we succeed? (Our Strategic Drivers)

1. Through a consultative approach, we uncover our clients’ needs. Then customize and deliver the programs, tools, and services they need.

2. Model servant leadership, healthy behaviours, value each other’s priorities and remain relevant through continuous learning.

3. Provide transformational support through ongoing and practical one-on-one application.