What We Do

What We Do

What is Success?

The definition of success is different for every organization and every leader. We all want it, but do you know how to achieve it?

Achieving success starts with mapping out an extraordinary plan. Very rarely do organizations take the same path to the top and that is why our approach is unique and efficient. We take a customized approach for every single one of our clients. By building a relationship with you and asking the right questions, we are able to quickly grasp your needs and develop an effective plan and strategy accordingly.


We work alongside business owners, executives, leaders and managers at all levels to leverage their strengths as they overcome their leadership gaps and grow in their effectiveness. Our work with leaders involves everything from charting the course for growth, facilitating the transition into new managerial roles, learning how to implement and structure change and guiding you to organizational clarity.

Our team has the ability to quickly grasp your needs and develop a road map for success. We understand that your time and your money is valuable so we are able to develop a plan that is timely and effective.

“True leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.” Vince Lombardi

Leadership Services:

  • Developing Organizational Clarity
  • Succession Planning and Emergency Succession Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Execution
  • One on one or group Leadership Coaching
  • Comprehensive Leadership Development

It can be lonely at the top…but it doesn’t have to be.


Only 10% of organizations actually execute their strategic plans which is why we stay the course with you; working alongside on a regular basis to ensure the plan stays alive and you achieve the goals you set.

“The staff from Summit Organizational Development have provided management and leadership training to our company. Their approach is personalized and effective. We have experienced first hand the impact their services have made to our staff. They have a practical approach that is defined and measurable. We look forward to continuing to develop our team with help from Summit.”

The Management Team at Penn-Lite Electrical & Mechanical Inc.


We know from experience that healthy, happy teams create a prosperous business. We also know that healthy businesses translate into healthy people and healthy communities. Is your team your best asset? Does your team have the knowledge and the power to fuel personal and organizational development? Incredible transformations happen when you empower your team.


51% of workers are considering leaving their jobs. 80% of employees would work longer hours and work harder if they felt empowered, valued and engaged by their employer. Only 59% of employees feel as though their organization is investing in their growth and development.

Team Development Services:

  • Workshops, Lunch & Learns, Seminars
  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Sales & Service Excellence Training

Unleash the power of your team…Book a free consultation today.

“Working together with Summit to develop and deliver a customized change management program has been a very positive experience. The change management training provided people leaders with a common language and practical tips on how to respond to change and inspire their teams to accept change. By utilizing DiSC® we had a better understanding of ourselves and others in the organization, how to better communicate with each other and build meaningful relationships.”

Rich Harries, COO Access Credit Union

Human Resources

Human Resources is one of the most integral components of every business and instrumental to the smooth operation and development of your organization. It’s the foundation of a successful and well-oiled operation. Far too often we see that a company’s HR is not at the forefront of their operating and growth strategy when it really should be.

We have the expertise to guide every aspect of your HR needs and can develop the solutions that work for you, to align with the corporate culture that you’ve created. Businesses of all sizes need an HR strategy and solutions, regardless if you have a team of two or two hundred, we will ensure you have the tools and the approaches you require to lead a healthy and productive team.

“When we took the plunge to hire a Human Resource consultant, we struggled with the necessity of it. When we hired Stephanie and her team at Summit Organizational Development they immediately put us to ease with their support and expertise with all manner of human resource processes and growth. From handling questions, big or small or even silly, that I send their way to team building events, they do it all and we’ve been impressed with the results.

Val Fehr has worked alongside my supervisors and I to establish an atmosphere that is fair and consistent for all employees. It’s still a work in progress but we wouldn’t have gotten this far with out her. Invest in your company. I highly recommend Summit Organizational Development.”

Helena Koop, Operations Manager, Signex Manufacturing


It takes on average 18 months to successfully train and on-board a new employee and 6.2 months for a new hire to become profitable for a company. Short-term turnover is expensive and definitely something you want to avoid.

HR Strategies & Solutions:

  • Strategy and Solution Development
  • Comprehensive HR Audit
  • HR Management Systems
  • HR Consulting & Training
  • Orientation and on-boarding
  • Recruitment, selection and hiring. Let us show you the benefits of having a plan

It’s possible to have a stronger, more efficient work team. Here’s the secret. Have you heard of Everything DiSC®?


We offer a wide range of lunch and learns, workshops and training sessions for you and your team. With workshops on the latest topics and access to the best tools on the market, our workshops are one of our most popular offerings. The variety of topics that we offer will engage, empower and transform your team and also enhance employee morale, improve employee retention, increase productivity and so much more.

Workshops can be as simple as a one-hour lunch and learn session on-site at your business or a comprehensive full day workshop in our space. The topics, level of detail and focus can all be customized based the needs and wants of your organization.

Popular Workshops Include:

  • Everything DiSC®
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®
  • Change Management
  • Sales and Service Excellence
  • Time Management

Corporate Events

Whether you’re planning an open house, product launch event, staff event or information session for your clients, let Summit turn your event into a growth and development opportunity for your business.

We believe that every single event should be used as an opportunity to foster new relationships, strengthen existing ones and ultimately cultivate your business community. Events are costly, and it’s important that you leverage every dollar for a ROI for your business. Your brand image and your corporate culture should be relevant throughout all that you do, especially throughout your events.

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